Vivarium Decoration

Rocks and branches - These are important for your dragon's home. Bearded dragons are very good climbers and enjoy climbing and perching by their basking spot.

Somewhere to hide - Beardies need a place to hide, such as a cave. This is important so that your dragon can hide if they feel stressed or threatened. Eddie also uses his hide for sleeping. Please make sure that whatever you use to create a cave is steady enough for him/her to climb on also without collapsing. These hides are also important for shade.


  • You may choose to use plastic plants in your enclosure. Do this only once the beardie has reached the age of 3 months and over. I have personally avoided using plastic plants as Eddie decided to eat the ones I bought for him when we first designed our setup.
  • Cress and other live/growing food is a nice addition to your beardie's home so that it can eat from the plants as they are growing. Just remember to look after these plants so that your beardie is not consuming plants that are not fresh and healthy

background - There is a wide choice of background available for your tank or viv ranging from pictures to 3D backs. Here is a list of choices that are available to you with comments to help you with your decisions

  • Aquarium pictures
  • - These are a nice and easy background to your viv. You can buy a piece from a roll in most pet stores and plant nurseries that sell fish. It also gives your enclosure a clean and fresh feel and is easy to wipe down. Make sure this is stuck down properly as your beardie will make it his/her mission to rip it off the wall if s/he notices a pealing corner.
  • 3D backing - This is a great product and you can get all sorts of styles and sizes. The popular make which is readily available is the Exo Terra Rock Vivarium Background. It is easy to cut to shape as it is made out of polestyrine. We decided to use this for our viv for a nice finish. See How to make a Vivarium pictures. Please be aware that dragons will enjoy climbing up them but once they reach the top will find it difficult to work out how to get back down. Hence the importance that the vivarium is not too high as previously mentioned.
  • Making your own - Making your own backing can be as simple or as complicated as you want. I have seen a number of different ways of doing this but the most effective seems to be using chicken wire to form the 3D shape then plastering over it. Finishing it off with a coating of sand and non toxic paint. Please also remember to seal the backing and make sure that what ever you use it will not harm your beardie.

Additional accessories:

  • Water bowl
  • Feeding bowl - so your beardie knows where they can find their fresh vegetables
  • Thermometer - to regulate the temperature of your vivarium
  • Ceramic heat lamp surround - to ensure your beardie does not burn themself on the ceramic heat lamp
  • Hammock
  • Cricket keepers