Bearded Dragon Care

This section contains everything you need to know about bearded dragon care.

Bearded dragons are a gentle animal only showing aggression if placed in a stressful situation and when they feel threatened. They do not grow very large and their diet is diverse.

They are happy to bask most of the day absorbing the heat into their bodies, only becoming lively at the sight of food, or want to have a good spy on what you are up to. They tolerate alot of attention and make a fantastic first pet for people new to reptiles.

Despite all this you need to know how to care for your bearded dragon properly and create the right environment from the start. It takes commitment, but is very rewarding.

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Vivarium setup requires careful consideration as this is where your bearded dragon will spend the majority of their time. You need to set up the ideal environment for them to live a comfortable and healthy life.

Food and Nutrition

Bearded dragons eat a lot and can eat a wide variety of food, both live prey and fruit & vegetables. For your dragons health you need to know what they can and cannot eat, and what supplements on the market are required to keep and fit and healthy dragon.


Bearded dragons can display some amusing actions. It is important to have an understanding of bearded dragon behaviour so that you can be aware of your pets moods. Here is a list of common actions and what they are believed to mean, to help you in your understanding of your dragon.

How to sex your Bearded Dragon

There is much speculation on sexing bearded dragons from if it waves to how often the beard turns black. By watching the characteristics of your beardie you may be able to work it out but you cannot be certain. There are a few techniques to be sure of your beardies sex.

Breeding Bearded Dragons

It is very common for bearded dragon owners to want to breed their pet. If you house and male and female together, you will not even have a choice in this matter. Know the signs of a pregnant female and what actions need to be taken both in preparation for her laying, and taking care of the eggs and then juveniles once laid.

Health issues

Despite beardies hardy reputation, they can still contract a number of health issues. Find out details of possible diseases contracted by bearded dragons.

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