About me

Hey! I’m Johnathan and you are now on my blog.. Actually, not only mine, but Legolas’s too! Who’s Legolas? You’ll find out more about him below!

About me? Simple! Young, lazy bachelor with a great sense of humor who’s never in a rush to get anywhere. I’ve got a thing for movies, music, weapons, Chinese food and am a master at sleeping. I’m an introvert, but I love nature and going paintballing and shooting (both guns and bows). I’m also one that never refuses a good party, especially karaoke ones.


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About Legolas

Legolas is my pet beardie. He’s 1 and 2 months old and has got so much in common with his awesome owner. He loves watching movies with me, listening to music and generally wasting time with me. He got his epic name after we watched The Lord Of The Rings together and noticed that every time movie Legolas appeared, my beardie always became really focused and gruff. Before that I used to call him Tiesto, because of all his head bobbing.

I started my blog after reading many others on how to take care of Legolas and noticed that many of these bloggers are sharing their beardie experiences in a very interesting and entertaining way. I said I’d try it myself!

Therefore on our blog you will read about our adventures together, about my new personal project (growing my beard) and of course, about how to take care of your beardie.